Boardmaker Book Bridge for Eye Gaze Users

by Tina Hill June 28, 2019

Guest blog Tina Hill

My son (who has severe cerebral palsy and severe awesomeness) received his Tobii Dynavox I-12+ in June 2018. Snap + Core First was up and ready to go, but I wanted him to have educational opportunities to practice answering purposefully. I finally figured out that Book Bridge, included with Boardmaker Online, is completely accessible for the eye gaze user with 3 different levels of help on the writing activities: Max (Maximum help), Mod (Moderate help), Min (Minimum help).

We chose 'Max help', and he has had great success! This was such a perfect thing to do to encourage writing while practicing motor planning.

He is able to do the vocabulary activity completely on his own as of April 24th. He likes to choose a picture to go with the vocabulary term. For this activity, he sees the term at the top, blank space in the middle, and 5 pictures at the bottom. Using eye gaze, he chooses the picture which blinks when selected, then selects the middle of the blank space where the picture moves and enlarges.

It’s challenging if you are a new eye gaze user. I am so proud of him!

Guest blog about Boardmaker Book Bridge

Tina Hill
Tina Hill

Tina is a home-school mom to Jaden who is 11 years old. When they are not home-schooling together, Jaden enjoys time with his family, going to camp, swimming and acting crazy.

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