prepairing for emergencies at school

Preparing for emergencies in the school

by Amber Dollar M.Ed July 17, 2018

Schools across the world are working more diligently than ever to prepare for emergencies that may happen during the school day. How do we prepare our students with disabilities? This blog post gives helpful tips for preparing your students for emergency situations. 
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creating a class schedule

Creating a class schedule that is IEP compliant

by Amber Dollar M.Ed July 17, 2018

Creating a class schedule is crucial for success in a special education setting. Here are some quick tips to create a class schedule that will keep students and staff organized and compliant with IEPs.    
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modifying on the fly

Modifying behavior supports and activities on the fly

by Amber Dollar M.Ed July 17, 2018

Special Educators and therapist constantly modify and accommodate activities to make them accessible. This article provides tips on how to find ideas to easily modify activities in seconds.   
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back-to-school with the disability triangle

Back-to-school with the disability triangle

by Maureen Donnelly M.Ed July 17, 2018

Supporting kids with special needs can be complex and overwhelming. This post offers a simple framework for dismantling barriers and helping students develop literacy skills. 
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the power of visual schedules

The power of visual schedules

by Jill Detwiler CCC-SLP July 17, 2018

Visual schedules are a key part of effective classroom management. This article provides a helpful framework for creating visual supports that work for all students.    
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back-to-school with the comunication triangle

Back-to-school with the communication triangle

by Maureen Donnelly M.Ed July 13, 2018

As the summer winds down, it’s time to look ahead to all that September brings: new kids, new schedules, and hopefully new learning opportunities. The transition between lazier summer days to more hectic school days can be challenging.
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