Verb Diversity Symbols - PCS Update

by Bob Geenen July 31, 2020

Verb Diversity Symbols - PCS Update

It's time for a brand new Picture Communication Symbols update for Boardmaker Online! This update is all about diversity. Check out our newly released PCS® diversity emotion symbols below.

With new PCS symbols added to Boardmaker Online every two weeks, you can make communication boards, visual schedules, classroom activities, anything you can think of.

Go check them out below and start teaching today!

What's new?

  • Answer (6 versions)
  • Argue (3 versions)
  • Ask (6 versions)
  • Can (6 versions)
  • Cannot (6 versions)
  • Catch (6 versions)
  • Clean (6 versions)
  • Come (6 versions)
  • Communicate (6 versions)
  • Dance (3 versions)
  • Drink (6 versions)
  • Eat (6 versions)
  • Fall (6 versions)
  • Fight (3 versions)
  • Help (6 versions)
  • Hate (6 versions)
  • Hope (6 versions)
  • Hug (3 versions)
  • Jump (6 versions)
  • Kick (6 versions)
  • Kiss (3 versions)
  • Laugh (6 versions)
  • Learn (6 versions)
  • Lift (6 versions)
  • Look (6 versions)
  • Pick up (6 versions)
  • Play (6 versions)
  • Pull (6 versions)
  • Push (6 versions)
  • Question (6 versions)
  • Reach (6 versions)
  • Read (6 versions)
  • Ride (6 versions)
  • Run (6 versions)
  • Say (6 versions)
  • See (6 versions)
  • Shop (6 versions)
  • Sing (6 versions)
  • Sit (6 versions)
  • Sleep (6 versions)
  • Smile (6 versions)
  • Speak (6 versions)
  • Stand (6 versions)
  • Tell (3 versions)
  • Thank (3 versions)
  • Throw (6 versions)
  • Walk (6 versions)
  • Watch (6 versions)
  • Win (6 versions)
  • Wish (6 versions)
  • Work (6 versions)
  • Yawn (6 versions)
  • Yell (6 versions)


How do I find these new symbols?
It's very easy! Go visit Boardmaker Online, log in to your account, create a new activity, click the symbol tool and search for new symbols, and add them to your activity right-away. 

Not a Boardmaker Online member yet?
Are you new to Boardmaker Online? It's our complete system with unlimited possibilities for anyone supporting students with special needs. It allows you to create endless symbol-based communication and visual supports!

Create an account to get started, or learn more about Boardmaker Online.

Request new PCS symbols
Not seeing the symbols you need? No worries! We are constantly adding more symbols to the software. Share your ideas with us using the PCS symbol request form. All suggestions will be considered, and those that are accepted will be automatically added as part of our bi-weekly updates.

Stay up-to-date
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Bob Geenen
Bob Geenen

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