How do I add an action to an object or page in Boardmaker Studio?

by Support Team June 11, 2019

  1. Select the object (or the page itself) to which you want to add actions. The Properties panel for that object will open.
  2. Select the Edit Actions button in the Properties panel (under Programming). The Action Editor will open. Any actions that are currently assigned to the object will be listed.
  3. Select the action you want to add. You can:
    • Search for an action.  
    • Select an action from the Action Category List.  
    • Select an action from the Favorites or Snippets drop-down menus.
      The action will be added to the action script.
      Note: If the action you have selected needs further information (ex: the name of a page to open or sound to play) a menu or dialog will open. You must select the appropriate page to open, sound to play, etc., to complete the action. The action will then be added to the action script.
  4. Select Save to close the Action Editor.
Support Team
Support Team

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