How do I create a grid of buttons in Boardmaker Version 6?

by Support Team June 11, 2019

  1. Select the Button Tool in the standard toolbar.
  2. Move the crosshair into the blank work space.
  3. Click and drag diagonally to create a button. Release the mouse button when the new button is the correct size.
    • Move the pointer over any edge or corner of the selected button until the double arrow appears as shown if it is necessary to resize the button.
    • Click and drag the edge or corner to change the button’s size as necessary.
  4. Select the Button Sprayer Tool.
  5. Position the Button Sprayer Tool on top of the button.
  6. Click and drag diagonally to spray out the desired grid of buttons.
  • While all the buttons are highlighted, you can click and drag all of the buttons at once to reposition them on the page.
  • Holding in the Ctrl button, click and drag any button to resize the whole grid while all the buttons are still highlighted.
Note: If the buttons become deselected, choose Edit and Select All (Ctrl + A).  You can also hold down the ctrl key and select each button individually until they are all highlighted again.

Support Team
Support Team

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