How do I launch a program from a button in Boardmaker Version 6?

by Support Team November 22, 2019

Creating a Shortcut
  1. Locate the program you want to launch in Windows Explorer (or using My Computer).
  2. Right-click on the desired program or file icon and select Create Shortcut from the pop-up menu. program
  3. Drag (or copy) the shortcut you created into the SDP Externalsfolder. This folder can usually be found along the following path: C:\Program Files\Boardmaker with SD Pro\SDP Externals.
Linking a Button to the Shortcut
  1. Create a button that will be used to launch the application or file and assign it the Launch Applicationaction (Cool Stuff tab).
  2. Select the shortcut you created In the dialog box that appears,
  3. Click on OK.
  4. Close the Button Actions dialog when you finish editing it.
Note: Only shortcuts placed in the SDP Externalsfolder can be selected.
Support Team
Support Team

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