Why am I getting a Malicious Software Message on my MAC with Boardmaker 7?

by Support Team November 17, 2020

When opening Boardmaker 7 on your MAC you may encounter a message that says "Boardmaker 7 Editor can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for Malicious software"

This is a common message from your MAC when installing programs or apps not downloaded from the apple store. 

Try the following first
1. Right Click (or Control+Click) on the icon
2. Select Open in the menu that pops up
3. Select Open in the new window that pops up

If that does not work you will need to do the following. If this is a school or work computer you may need your internal IT departments assistance. 

1. Open your System Preferences
2. Select Security and Privacy

Under General you should see a section called Allow Apps Downloaded from. It is likely set to App Store. Change that to Anywhere. 
Support Team
Support Team

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