Back to school with Boardmaker Online II

by Support Team October 26, 2018

Math ideas

A. Templates to explore:
B. Community Activities to explore:
  • Fractions
  • Patterns

Science Ideas

A. Templates to explore:
B. Community Activities to explore:
  • Plant Life Cycle
  • Pond Life
  • Solar System
  • Weather Graph
BONUS: Check out the “Welcome to the Planetarium” Activity Pack in the Virtual Field Trip Premium Activities.

Social Studies Ideas

A. Templates to explore:
B. Community Activities to explore:
  • United States
  • Australia
  • Community Helpers
  • Recycling
C. Boardmaker Instructional Solutions to explore
  • Expedition Education
BONUS:Check out Activity Packs and Quiz Shows in Premium Activities!
Virtual Fieldtrips
  • Washington DC,
  • Post Office
Quiz Show
  • Ancient Egypt
  • 50 States Quarters


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