BMO transition guide for seasoned v6 professionals

by Support Team October 01, 2018

Before you start…

Boardmaker Online allows you to create your own activities just like Boardmaker v6. The differences are minor but important. All the goals are the same, but you do things a little bit differently. Knowing the first 4 tips will make the transition MUCH smoother. If you get to number 10 you’ll be a pro! This guide will use v6 terminology to help you learn how Boardmaker Online editing works.

This works the same way it did in v6! Select the button tool. Then click where you want the upper left corner to be and drag to the lower right and release.

This also works the same way it did in v6! Select the grid tool. Then click in the existing button and drag in the direction you want to spray, then release.
To spray a row, drag right. To spray a column, drag down. To spray a grid, drag diagonally.

Select a button and type a label. Select Enter on your keyboard.
Click the symbol you want. Enter on your keyboard. That’s it!

Select a button and type a label. Select Enter on your keyboard.
Select the web search tab. Click in the search box (your label will already be there)
Click the image you like, and select Enter on your keyboard.

Click the button.
Font:Click the font dropdown menu in the properties panel and select a font.
Font Size: Click the font size dropdown menu and select a font size.
Click the fill dropdown menu to select a button color.
Hint: You can change the border properties in the properties panel.

Click the button.
Click Edit Symbol in the properties panel. The symbol will open in the symbol editor.
Change Color:
Click the paint can tool. Select a color. Click on the image.

Click the pencil tool. Select a color. Select the brush size and shape. Draw with your cursor.

Click Save to Activity to save your edited symbol to the board you are working on. Click Save to My Media to save to your library. Name your symbol.

Click on the button.
Use your keyboard to type the new label. (It will over-write the original label!)


Click the label tool. Click and drag on the page to draw a text box. Use your keyboard to type the label.

When you have a symbol already in the button, Click the Symbols tab at the top of the properties panel. Type the word for your symbol search into the text box and then Return on your keyboard.

Click, drag, and drop the symbol into the button. Select Add To from the dialog box that will appear.

Click and drag the symbol to adjust the size and position. (You can resize and reposition the original symbol too.)

Click on the label in the button and type to make any changes.

Click tab to open page panel.

Click the new page button.

Click OK in the dialog box that opens.

Click on the thumbnail of the new page. Populate the new page any way you like.
Support Team
Support Team

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