v6 Aligning and centering

by Support Team October 01, 2018

Aligning Items
The right click menu now offers a series of Alignment options that can be used to align buttons, symbols, and text items with each other.
  • Select the buttons (or text or symbol items)
  • Right click and select from the following Alignment options:
    • Align Left Sides of Buttons
    • Align Horizontal Centers of Buttons
    • Align Right Sides of Buttons
    • Align Tops of Buttons
    • Align Vertical Centers of Buttons
    • Align Bottoms of Buttons

Centering Items
In addition to aligning items, you can also center text and symbols within buttons. You can apply these options to individual text or symbol items within buttons, to groups of text and symbol items within buttons, or to the entire contents of one or more buttons.
  • Select the button or group of buttons.
  • Right click and select from the following Alignment options:
    • Center Content Horizontally in Button
    • Center Content in Button
    • Center Content Vertically in Button
Support Team
Support Team

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