v6 Freeform buttons

by Support Team October 01, 2018

Create a Freeform Button
  • Select the Freeform Button Tool. 
  • Click and drag out the shape of the freeform button. As you drag the mouse, you will see the button border appear.
  • Release the mouse button to automatically close off the button border. 

Create a Freeform Button with Straight Edges
  • Select the Freeform Button Tool.
  • Press and hold the Control key on your keyboard.
  • While continuing to hold down the Control key, click the mouse where you want each corner of the polygon to be.
  • To finish your polygon freeform button, double-click to specify the position of the final corner (or release the Control key). 

Combining Straight and Curved Edges
If you are creating a curvy freeform button and want to transition to straight edges: 
  • While still holding down the mouse button, press and hold the Control key on your keyboard.
  • Continuing to hold the Control key, release the mouse button.
  • Click the mouse where you want the corners to appear. 
To transition from straight to curved edges:
  • While still holding down the Control key, click and hold down the mouse button.
  • Continuing to hold down the mouse button, release the Control key.
  • Click and drag out the shape of the curved portion of this button.
Support Team
Support Team

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