v6 Resizing buttons

by Support Team September 28, 2018

Resizing a Single Button
When resizing a button by dragging an edge or corner, only the button changes size - any symbols or text remain in their original position and size.
  • Hold down the Control key, on your keyboard, when resizing a button and the contents will resize as well.
  • The text will automatically scale as well. If you would rather the text remain the same size, hold down both the Control and the Alt keys while resizing the buttons.
  • To keep the button in the same width-to-height proportion, hold the Shift key down, as well as the Control key. 

Resizing Multiple Buttons
In previous versions of Boardmaker, there was no way to resize more than one button at a time. You can now resize multiple buttons at once. To accomplish this:
  • Select the buttons you wish to resize.
  • Press and hold the Control key. A dashed rectangular boundary will appear. (note dotted frame in second example below.)
  • Resize this new dashed boundary as if you were resizing a single button.
As with single button resizing, holding down the Shift key will allow the buttons to maintain their original proportions. In addition, holding down the Alt key, will keep text the same size, rather than resizing, as the button is resized.
Support Team
Support Team

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