The online editor at a glance

by Support Team October 01, 2018

Please note this article only applies to Personal, Professional, and District subscription accounts.
  1. Menu Bar - Contains the File, Edit, and Help menus, Undo and Redo buttons, title bar of the activity, the Save button, and Play/Preview Page drop-down menu button.
  2. Toolbar- Contains the symbol tool, selection tool, spray tool, and drawing tools. (See Online Editor Toolbar at a Glance
  3. Project Panel - Displays all of the folders and pages in the activity that is currently open in the Online Editor. There are tabs at the top of the project panel for adding a page and for activity setup.
  4. Properties Panel - Displays the Properties panel for the object currently selected (default) or, when the appropriate tab is selected, the Layout or Symbols panel.
  5. Page - Your workspace - the area in which you create and edit pages.
  6. Zoom Control- Slider bar that adjusts the size at which the page is displayed.
  7. Actual Size and Fit to Screen buttons - Displays the page at 100% (actual size) or fits the page to the screen.
Support Team
Support Team

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