Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock

The Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock helps students manage time in a new way with bright, long-lasting lights that give visual cues to show how much time is left to complete a task. Let the Time Tracker® take your timed activities to a whole new level as you use it to time tests, practice sessions, study sessions, experiments, phone calls, speeches and more. Features green, yellow and red sections, each of which can be programmed to represent a different portion of time. Don't want to customize? Select the automatic setting and let the Time Tracker divide the time for you. Add sound effects (six options with volume controls) to play each time a section changes colors. Sound effects include:
  • Time's Up!
  • Begin!
  • Buzzer
  • Ticking Clock
  • Siren
  • Ringing Bell
Requires adapter or 4 AA batteries, not included.