Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program

Aligning Life Skills to Academics Program is a life skill program that helps educators cover important skills, tasks and ideas that students use everyday - within their subject-based curriculum. Align lessons with general education math, science/health, social studies and language arts curriculum areas. Save time with life skills lessons, each of which can be taught in as little as five minutes. Let students practice learned skills using worksheets that correspond with each lesson. Features two reproducible books, Life Skill Lessons and Aligning Life Skills to Academics Worksheet Directory. Life Skill Lessons Features 650 reproducible lesson plans and 650 corresponding student worksheets. Includes 248 pages.
  • Math (131 activities)
  • Social Studies (141 activities)
  • Science/Health (169 activities)
  • Expressive Literacy (94 activities)
  • Receptive Literacy (115 activities)
Aligning Life Skills to Academics Worksheet Directory A directory that gives you a quick method to review the reproducible content from Life Skill Lessons, or to share the content with other teachers/parents. Includes 191 pages. Includes printable PDF files for the worksheets and activities and document Software tool for managing the 1,300 documents.