Look 'n Cook Package

The Look 'n Cook Package lets non-readers and students challenged by learning and memory try their hand in the kitchen.

Covers food preparation, meal planning, shopping and guides students in the kitchen with step-by-step illustrations and color-coding.

References familiar brand name products students can easily identify.

Features the Look 'n Cook Cookbook (with 62 step-by-step recipes), Look 'n Cook Lesson Plans and Look 'n Cook DVD Set (2 discs).

Look 'n Cook Cookbook

Features recipe illustrations that are clear, concise and easy-to-follow. Each picture step has accompanying text and a color-coding system that makes measurement and temperature requirements a cinch.

Simplifies meal planning into six sections:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Lunch
  3. Dinner
  4. Vegetables
  5. Desserts
  6. Beverages

Includes laminated pages and a wipe-clean vinyl easel binder.

Look 'n Cook Lesson Plans

Features lessons on kitchen safety, cooking techniques and nutrition using the recipes in Look 'n Cook Cookbook.

Each lesson lists objectives, materials needed and procedures with teaching suggestions.

Includes 40 lesson plans, data collection system and PDF file for printing out recipe pages.

Table of Contents

Unit I Program Preliminaries
Unit II Dairy Foods/Grocery Store Dairy Section
Unit III The Protein Foods/Fresh & Frozen Meat Sections of the Grocery Store
Unit IV Fruit and Vegetables/Corresponding Sections in the Grocery Store
Unit V Grains/The Bakery & Cereal Sections of the Grocery Store
Unit VI Breakfast Menus Using a Variety of Foods
Unit VII Lunch Menus Using a Variety of Foods
Unit VIII Dinner Menus Using a Variety of Foods

Look 'n Cook DVD Set

Features two Look 'n Cook DVDs with illustrated recipes and important concepts like hygiene.


Includes a comprehensive collection of 62 recipes - all shot from the point of view of the chef. Cooking steps are illustrated with live action video. Each recipe is presented as a separate movie (2-3 minutes). Use as an interactive teaching tool or as a preview before you start cooking.


Features Madeline Merced, a host on TasteTV. Covers important cooking concepts like Safety First, Food Words, Kitchen Tools and Cooking Hygiene.