When My Worries Get Too Big!

The book When My Worries Get Too Big helps students manage anxiety that may lead to aggressive behavior like screaming, throwing things or even hurting classmates.

Based on cognitive behavioral management, it first helps children recognize their own feelings of anxiety, and then explores strategies to help them control those feelings. Increases self-awareness and self-regulation with a 5-point stress scale.

Suggestions include relaxation techniques, proven successful with students with Autism, to help students stay relaxed and ready to learn. Features reproducible illustrations students can write on and color to keep them motivated. 


"Sometimes I worry way too much, like when I think I am going to recess and it gets canceled. This might make me scream or even hit someone. This is a 5. Now my worries are too big. This is when I need to fight back! First, I can squeeze my hands together..."


Includes 44 pages.