InPrint 3

Redeveloped from the ground up, InPrint 3 is simpler and quicker to use, saving you hours in preparation.

Create symbol resources in minutes using an impressive range of desktop publishing features.

InPrint 3 is an essential tool for anyone making accessible materials for their school, home, business or community.

InPrint 3 uses Widgit’s powerful smart symbolizing technology and is supplied with more than 15,000 Widgit Symbols, which have been developed to support communication, access to information and many school curriculum subjects.

With InPrint, teachers, nurses, therapists, care workers and many other professionals can easily design resources specific to their needs.      

New powerful features

Easy to use tools for creating tables and frames make it simple to achieve a huge range of layouts.

New style and layout features help to give your resources a professional look.

Easy to use templates

Quickly create resources from over 140 templates for books, vocabulary, comprehension, flashcards, games, rewards and many, many more.

Personalize your documents

Customize your documents by replacing the symbols for a word or phrase with your own photographs and pictures, or choose from more than 4,000 Widgit Media graphics.

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