Super Duper® Say and Do Vocab Bingo

Guess the riddles for five in a row, that's how you play Vocab Bingo! This bingo set focuses on building vocabulary skills with eight different themes: Transportation; Clothing; Around the Home; Food; Occupations; Animals; Colors, Shapes, & Numbers; and Holiday & Seasonal.

 Vocab Bingo includes:

  • 24 double-sided, color-coded and laminated bingo boards (48 game surfaces). 8½" x 11"
  • 192 riddle word calling cards (2⅛" x 3⅝"). (The caller reads the riddle and has students guess the answer or shows the target picture to the students and says the word!)
  • Handy storage tub bingo chips (assorted colors)
  • 1 to 6 players