Talking Pocket

A simple recording device, the Talking Pocket is the perfect communication solution for any student.

The Talking Pocket is made of two parts:

  1. Voice-Over: A single voice output device with 10 seconds of recording time.
  2. Pocket: A plastic pocket designed to hold the Voice Over in place.
How Does It Work?
  1. Record and share clear messages just by pushing the button on the Voice-Over.
  2. Add your own PCS™, image, picture or photograph.
  3. Slip the Voice-Over into the Pocket and you've got your very own Talking Pocket!
  4. Now, decide where you want to use it!

In the classroom? - Attach it to VELCRO® brand-receptive communication boards, displays, books and more.

At home? - Carry it to and from school with the Talking Pocket Portable Carrying Case.

On-the-go? - For easy transport, slip it into the Talking Pocket Wallet Carrier.

Pocket accommodates 2.75" square picture.