Boardmaker Plus! v. 6 with PCS™ Animations Bundle

Boardmaker® Plus! offers all the same features of Boardmaker®, and doesn't stop there! It makes print activities truly interactive by adding sound, animation and video, transforming paper-based activities into exciting, on-screen activities students use on the computer. With thousands of PCS™ - supported in more than 44 languages - Boardmaker® Plus! is perfect for students of different backgrounds and abilities. Boardmaker® Plus! also supports students who use alternative access methods, and it's compatible with Boardmaker® so you can create printed materials, too.

PCS™ Animations Bundle: Volumes I & II Animated PCS™ help students understand verbs and expand language and writing skills with animated characters that illustrate basic concepts like movement, chores, grooming, communication, and location.

Volume I: Over 500 verbs

Volume II: Over 800 more verbs and prepositions

CD/DVD drive required to run the software: If intended computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, please consider Boardmaker Online. Codes are no longer provided.

If you are in need of Boardmaker for Mac, please check out our subscription service Boardmaker Online.