PCS Animations Volume II for Windows

PCS™ Animations help students understand verbs and expand language with symbols featuring animated characters that illustrate even more basic concepts surrounding movement, chores, grooming, communication and location. PCS™ Animations can help:
  • Reinforce comprehension of verbs and expand language and writing skills with animated sentence completion.
  • Influence appropriate social behavior with visual cues. Increase independence by showing sequence.
Each animation is provided in .avi, .mov, and .gif formats and can be imported into programs like:
  • Boardmaker® Plus!
  • Boardmaker® with Speaking Dynamically Pro
  • Communicate: In Print 2
  • Power Point
  • BuildAbility
  • My Own Book Shelf
  • Windows Media Player
  • Quick Time Player

Includes more than 800 verbs and prepositions.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.