Deluxe Yacker Tracker

Could the Original Yacker Tracker® get any better? Well, it just did! The Yacker Tracker® monitors noise levels in the classroom and provides a quiet environment for students to better accomplish their work. It's equipped with longer lasting LED lights eliminating the need for replacement bulbs and features a two-second delay before the optional siren sounds preventing false alerts resulting from sudden noises! The Deluxe Yacker Tracker® allows teachers to operate the unit from a distance using a remote control so no matter where you are in the classroom, you can control the noise, which also means no more climbing up and down to adjust the volume!

Other features of the Deluxe Yacker Tracker® include: voice ("Quiet Please") or siren options, automatically or manually adjustable lights, decibel sensitivity control (from 50dB to 110 dB) and optional face stickers for lights. Just like the Yacker Tracker®, the deluxe model is self-standing or wall mountable.

Includes one Deluxe Yacker Tracker, AC Adapter, one Remote Control with two AAA batteries.