ColorCards Sequences: 6 & 8 Step for Children

ColorCards® Sequences: 6 & 8-Step for Children is comprised of 48 large format photocards, arranged into four six-step sequences and three eight-step sequences. The sequences feature lively stories and themes that are based inside the home or in familiar locations so that students will be able to better relate with the material. 6-Step Sequences include: The Present, The Horse Ride, The Photograph and Playing Ball. 8-Step Sequences include: The Surprise Cake, The School Bag and The Bike and The Scooter. Sequences: 6 & 8-Step is a valuable resource for work with individual children and small groups for:
  • Sequencing
  • Expressive Language
  • Vocabulary
  • Logical thought
  • Understanding the elements of a story
  • Communication skills
Includes 48 photocards with wipe-clean laminated surfaces and rounded corners. Cards measure 6" x 6".