P's and Q's

P's and Q's are great alternative tools for patients who want to practice their biting and chewing skills.

Made up of the same FDA compliant material as all other Chewy Tubes products, P's and Q's offer safe, non-toxic durable surfaces for biting and chewing activities.

Easier to grasp for young patients and the bitable stem of the P reaches back into the molar region sending appropriate proprioceptive input into the TMJ as the patient practices biting.

Babies enjoy the Q extension for tongue exploration. For larger jaws, the larger Q offers a firm bilateral surface for jaw closure activities.

Latex-free, these tools are solid rather than tubular and offer a firmer surface for biting, offering a new type of oral sensation for your patient.

Intended for individual use with adult supervision.

Contains no PVC or Phthalates. Non-toxic, latex - and lead - free. FDA approved.