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Preparing your District/Organization for Boardmaker 7


  • Attention current Boardmaker Online subscribers, the Boardmaker Online editor and player will cease to function at the release of Boardmaker 7. Boardmaker 7 released Tuesday, November 17, 2020. For status updates on the release, please click here.

  • If there are any technical questions specific to deployment, please contact North America Technical Support by emailing Support.NA@goboardmaker.comor by calling 1-(800)-588-4548, contact UK Technical Support by emailing or by calling +44 (0)114 481 00 11, or contact EUROW Technical Support by emailing 

Chromebook Guide

If you are a Chromebook user, this is a list of specific questions and requirements relating to the running of Boardmaker 7 on those devices.

Compatibility Guide

The Compatibility Guide provides details on supported operating systems, domains that must be whitelisted, and information on the Compatibility Tester App.

IT Deployment Guide

Boardmaker 7 Organization is a hybrid web/installed solution for organizations. Learn how to properly deploy Boardmaker within your organization.

Security Whitepaper

Learn how Boardmaker 7 Organization has been built to deliver reliable and secure service within your district’s existing network and security infrastructure.