Boardmaker® Studio

*As of October 20, 2020 Boardmaker v6, Boardmaker Plus v6, Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v6 and Boardmaker Studio will be replaced with our newest product Boardmaker 7.  This will mark the end of sale of these legacy products, but not the end of support.  We will continue to provide assistance with these old products for 2 years after they are no longer sold.  For more information about Boardmaker 7, please visit our Boardmaker 7 Frequently Asked Questions*

Spend less time and achieve more with the new Boardmaker Studio –  our most versatile solution. With the ability to work offline or connect to your Boardmaker Online account, creating classroom materials has never been easier. Studio still delivers your favorite Boardmaker Software Family features, like robust editing tools, but now gives you access to more than 30,000 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®). Boardmaker Studio also includes features designed to save you valuable time, like hundreds of Studio Starter Templates and an easy to understand interface, so you can spend less time creating materials and more time with your students.

Create Engaging Activities – Fast!

  • Over 150 Studio Starter Templates, on-screen activities with preprogrammed actions. Just add symbols, text, questions, answers or vocabulary to the template and your activity is complete
  • Over 100 Gadgets, pre-programmed buttons and objects you can drag onto the page of any activity, designed to help you build and enhance activities quickly

Easy to Learn and Easy to Use.

  • Updated, user-friendly interface with a clear toolbar, intuitive menus and icons, plus Studio Starter Templates organized by category
  • See and access all your pages visually in a single view using the Project Panel

Available Whenever, Wherever.

  • Two installs FREE with your Boardmaker Online account. Simple management and maintenance for larger deployments
  • Faster, feature-rich and stable editing for offline use plus the ability to take your work online with new seamless Boardmaker Online integration

Stay Connected!

  • Boardmaker Studio Dashboard is your gateway to start a new activity from scratch or a template, access current projects, or quickly open an on-screen activity in play mode
  • Start a project in Boardmaker Studio and finish it in Boardmaker Online, or vice versa! The dashboard gives you instant access to all of your projects online and off so you can work your way.

Get the Full Experience.

Combine the powerful offline editor of Boardmaker Studio with the robust features of Boardmaker Online and there is no limit to what you and your students can achieve. Plus, a Boardmaker Online subscription gives you FREE access to three full curriculum programs through Boardmaker Instructional Solutions, and the Boardmaker Community where you can find over 60,000 FREE activities on hundreds of topics, and connect with more than 500,000 users through groups, discussion forums and implementation articles.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.