Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro with 2000-2012 PCS Addendum Libraries Bundle

*As of November 2020, Boardmaker v6, Boardmaker Plus v6, Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro v6 and Boardmaker Studio will be replaced with our newest product Boardmaker 7.  This will mark the end of sale of these legacy products, but not the end of support.  We will continue to provide assistance with these old products for 2 years after they are no longer sold.  For more information about Boardmaker 7, please visit our Boardmaker 7 Frequently Asked Questions*

Boardmaker® with Speaking Dynamically Pro is the natural choice for students who need support with communication. It delivers the same on-screen and print options of Boardmaker® Plus! and Boardmaker®, and gives students challenged by speech even more power with:

  • High-quality voices
  • Word prediction
  • Abbreviation expansion

Add even more symbols to the Boardmaker® library and take your symbol count to more than 11,500 with Picture Communication Symbol Addendum Libraries - filled with an additional 7,000 symbols. Don't stop there! Make symbols even more meaningful by adding digital images or other graphics. The possibilities never end!

*You must already have a Boardmaker account 

CD/DVD drive required to run the software: If intended computer does not have a CD/DVD drive, please consider Boardmaker Online. Codes are no longer provided.