Complete Come Learn with Me Program

Improve your student's communication and cognitive skills with this play-based program! When a student successfully completes the Come Learn with Me Program, he or she will have gained a variety of communication skills! This fun and interactive program helps teach students to identify and name common objects, actions, prepositions and pronouns as well as respond to yes/no and wh- questions. The Come Learn with Me Program includes matching objects and pictures, matching animals to their sounds, sorting and categorizing objects and identifying objects by their function, to help strengthen your student's cognitive skills. This program can be utilized by parents through natural play, by therapists or teachers in structured learning where activities are teacher-directed, and by therapists or teachers in unstructured learning when following a child's lead. The Come Learn with Me Program includes: 4 books
  • Come Find Me
  • Come Ride with Me
  • Come to My House
  • Come Move with Me
  • Animals: cow, horse, pig, sheep, dog
  • Vehicles: car, truck, boat, tractor, plane
  • Food: juice, banana, apple, bread, cheese
  • Function objects: baby, ball, bowl, cup, spoon
  • Reinforcers: five tops, bubble tumbler, bubbles, squirting sea critters
  • 66 picture manipulatives
  • manual
  • tote bag
  • sorting board