Daily Schedule Pocket Chart

The Daily Schedule Pocket Chart features pockets that let you display events, tasks and subjects alongside analog clock faces and digital time cards for students learning time management skills. Boasts an ideal design that lets students read what is next in the schedule, and what time it occurs, without taking up too much room in your classroom. Features cards with bright colors that emphasize the times so they're easy to read. How Does It Work?
  1. Start by writing the time on the write-and-wipe clock face and place it in the first pocket.
  2. Find the corresponding digital time or write it on one of the blank time cards.
  3. Place that card in the second pocket.
  4. Finally, find the subject that occurs during this time or write it on one of the blank subject cards provided. Now, you have the first activity in your schedule completed. Continue this process as you go through your daily schedule.
Hang chart easily with included grommets. Includes 14 rows with 3 pockets each, (one for the analog clock face, one for the digital time and one for the activity's name), for a total of 42 pockets, 48 write-and-wipe cards (15 blank clock faces,13 digital time cards and 20 activity name cards), three handy storage pockets and activity guide. Chart measures 13" L x 42.5" H.