Reading Milestones - Fourth Edition

Reading Milestones - Fourth Edition is a successful alternative, language-controlled program that is designed to take readers to approximately a fifth grade reading level. It is especially effective for students with hearing impairments and language delays and is also widely used with students who have special language and reading needs, including individuals with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and English Language Learners (ELL). Reading materials are designed to match students language levels and progress in small steps to ensure continued success in reading. The following features help ensure that students can begin their reading experiences successfully: Adjusted language level, Controlled vocabulary, Controlled syntax, Chunking (i.e., grouping of words by sentence constituents, noun phrase, verb phrase, etc.) Repetition The Reading Milestones program incorporates the five essential components recommended by the National Reading Panel (NRP, 2000): Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension This 4th edition of Reading Milestones includes instructional and reinforcement tasks that focus on developing phonemic awareness and phonics in a language context in the Workbook activities, the Spelling program, and the Teacher's Guide. The NRP reported that repeated oral reading with feedback and guidance and well-developed word recognition skills lead to improvements in reading fluency. Repeated reading, although not necessarily oral, is a part of almost every lesson plan in the Teacher's Guide. Extensive work on developing automaticity of vocabulary and sight words is presented in the Reading Milestones materials to develop fluency. Extensive work on the development of vocabulary concepts is part of every reading unit. Experiential activities and strategies are strongly recommended for the development of concepts in young beginning readers. Text comprehension receives major emphasis in the Reading milestones program with activities reinforcing research-based comprehension strategies such as prediction, question, answer relationships, monitoring, and summarizing. Includes teacher's guide, a boxed set of 10 Readers, a 10-pack of Student Achievement Records and a Flash drive containing reproducible PDFs of workbook activities and spelling and word cards.