Taking Care of Myself

Designed to address the health and safety needs of students ages five and up with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Taking Care of Myself offers a unique combination of social stories and easy-to-understand activities.

Taking Care of Myself will reduce fear and confusion surrounding issues related to health, hygiene, puberty and more.

Whether you're concerned about abuse or just want bath time and doctor's visits to be a more pleasant experience, this book is a must-read for those who love and guide students with disabilities.

Author Mary Wrobel, a speech language pathologist, wrote Taking Care of Myself, to help teach students with disabilities the necessary information and skills they need to live safe, healthy lives as independently as they are physically and mentally capable of. Current statistics show that almost 80% of special needs girls and up to 50% of boys are believed to be abused or molested by age 18.

The author believes that by teaching young people with Autism and other mental disabilities self-care skills, such as bathing and learning to recognize and inform responsible adults when touched inappropriately, we can reduce the incidence of this abuse.