The Entire World of R Program Set

The Entire World™ of R Program Set is a wealth of resources for R remediation - from elicitation to therapy strategy. Features The Entire World of R Book of Elicitation Techniques, The Entire World of R Advanced Screening with Elicitation Probe, The Entire World of R Screening Kit, The Entire World of R Playing Card System, and The Entire World of R Flip Books.

The Entire World of R™ Book of Elicitation Techniques
Elicit each sound variation of R using detailed therapy methods and step-by-step instructions. Screen for all 32 combinations of R to track the present level of performance and determine intervention target and treatment methods.

Includes 276 pages and reproducible R probe word lists, step-by-step instructions, visual diagrams, oral movement tips, intervention target checklists, worksheets, progress charts, case studies and more.

The Entire World of R™ Advanced Screening with Elicitation Probe
Simplifies evaluation, target selection and progress monitoring for the remediation of the R phoneme - making it the most complete screening resource available. Evaluate 32 combinations of R in different contexts: single words, phrases and sentences. Organize results and monitor trends over time with reproducible resources.

Includes 276 pages and reproducible advanced screening manual, 30 screening forms (11" x 17"), result forms (10 copies), consonantal elicitation probes (10 copies), vocalic elicitation probe (10 copies) and evaluation forms.

The Entire World of R™ Screening Kit
Screen, evaluate, establish a remediation baseline and set goals in no time for all 21 vocalic variations of the R phenome.

How Does It Work?

  1. Cycle through all 21 stimulus cards (airplane, fairy, fair, army, barn, etc).
  2. Show the stimulus card to the student and instruct him/her to say the word aloud.
    • Each picture is clearly represented by a picture, making them perfect for non-readers.
  3. Simply mark on the screening form if the production is correct/incorrect (+/-).

Follow-up words are provided on the form to model if a production is indeterminate for a specific allophone.

Includes a pad of 20 screening forms, 21 black-and-white stimulus cards (one word and one representative picture) and carrying bag with handle.

The Entire World of R™ Playing Card System (8 Deck Set)
Covers all vocalic variations of R including AR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE, OR, prevocalic R, RL and R blends. Supports quick identification and group work with color-coding and patterning. Expand practice words and keep students motivated with the fun, versatile approach to R remediation.

Includes eight decks of 27 paired cards (54 cards total), storage box and instructions.

The Entire World™ of R Flip Books
Young, non-reading students love the colorful, adorable sentence stories made up of three "flippable" panels designed to target eight variations of R, (initial, medial, final and blend positions), as well as vocabulary, grammar and syntax. As students flip panels, they stay motivated to practice production at word, phrase, sentence or connected speech levels. Stories are divided and color-coded by phoneme position.

Includes five flip books that vary in size from 17-24 pages, (51 to 72 unique panels), and carrying bag. All 21 types of vocalic R are included by phoneme and word position.

The Entire World™ of R Instructional Workbook
Focuses on the 21 basic phonological components of the R phoneme. For professionals, find sections on evaluation tips, treatment strategies and step-by-step case studies with detailed actions showing how to implement a phonological strategy. For students, take your pick of a wealth of activities and proven therapeutic exercises with classroom and homework activities at the word, phrase, sentence and carry-over levels. Each chapter focuses on a distinct variation of R, separated by initial, medial and final word positions:

  • Initial R
  • AR
  • OR
  • EAR
  • IRE
  • AIR
  • ER
  • RL

Includes 224 pages, worksheet activities for word, phrase, sentence and carry-over levels, a complete phonetic strategy for treating R, evaluation protocol, treatment tips, case studies and mouth positioning diagrams. Also includes tactile and visual awareness exercises.

The Conquest of R
Will help you probe deeper into the student's lack of progress in correct production of /r/ after being in traditional /r/ intervention.

Each package contains 180 stickers (15 sheets) and student progress chart.