The Entire World of WH? Questions Activity Set

Introduce students to the most basic concepts of WH- questions with The Entire World of WH? Questions™ Activity Set.

The Activity Set focuses on the four core WH- questions: who, what, where and when and helps students develop confidence and success through a wealth of remediation activities.

The Entire World of WH™ Questions includes:

Activity Book

Includes 44 pages loaded with activities, ideas, stories, reproducible WH cue sheets and WH category characters.

Change-a-Story Flip Book

Make hundreds of different sentence story combinations by flipping tabs for who, what, where and when concept pictures.

WH- Visual Cue Cards

Includes four sets of laminated, double-sided cue cards focusing on different stages of WH- concept awareness. Cards measure 8" x 11".

Interactive Game Boards 

Includes two laminated, double-sided game boards loaded with WH- questions, playing pieces and die. Game boards measure 11" x 17".