Yoga for Small Spaces

This Mom's Golden Learning Award winner is the perfect fit for small or large classrooms featuring 52 colorful poster cards for easy instruction.

Includes 52 illustrated poster cards

Standing, Sitting and Chair Yoga for Offices, Schools and Planes! Get calm and increase your attention and reception to learning. No prior experience with yoga is required. This set of 52, large format (5 x 7 ) cards will help your and your kids get moving. Verbal cues, modification, benefits, key element, affirmation and skill level are included for each exercise. All the exercises are specifically chosen to be done in a small space like a classroom, office or even an airplane! Each card is color-coded for desired outcomes such as grounding, creativity, inner-strength, tolerance, communication and problem solving. Cards are also marked for usage which makes yoga class planning and usage a breeze. Just select the cards for the exercises you desire, put them in order and your class/exercise set is planned. All the exercises can be done standing or sitting in a chair, which makes the choice excellent if you don t have much space or are restricted in movement due to injury or in rehab. This set is great for all children, teens, adults, and seniors.