TASP: Test of Aided-Communication Symbol Performance

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TASP helps assess symbolic skills quickly and easily. It provides a starting point for designing or selecting an appropriate AAC device page set. TASP uses results to design communication boards and establish appropriate AAC intervention goals and strategies targeting symbolic and syntactic development. Some additional features of TASP:

  • Serves as a tool to benchmark progress in aided communication performance
  • Uses Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) and complements other components of the AAC assessment process
  • Includes subtests, which can be administered over a period of sessions to test understanding of:
    • Symbol size and number
    • Grammatical encoding
    • Categorization
    • Syntactic performance
  • Establishes basals and ceilings for each subtest
  • Appropriate for children through adults who have the physical ability to function by pointing
  • Saves time with an administration time of just 10 to 20 minutes
  • Scoring procedures are objective and rapid
  • Test forms are reproducible
  • Includes customizable worksheets for a variety of practice exercises

TASP is also effective with preschoolers and kindergartners! Use it to count functional objects, stimulate math practice with colorful activities and more!

Includes reproducible subtests (with basals and ceilings), case study examples, manual, answer sheet (for completion during testing) and assessment folder.