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Preparing your Organization for Boardmaker 7

Since launching in November 2020, Boardmaker 7 has unfortunately caused some technology issues for new and existing customers. While some customers have experienced minor issues and are still able to take advantage of the software, others have encountered more complex challenges. We have a variety of options to ensure you have an opportunity to test the software in your environment and receive specialized support before you invest. In addition to this support, new customers will be notified of software updates via e-mail as they occur. We appreciate your patience as we work on delivering an improved experience.

  • Discover our free virtual live training events led by specialists on all things Boardmaker 7
  • Explore a robust set of free content including on-demand training on our Learning Hub
  • For frequently asked questions regarding the current state of Boardmaker 7, visit the Boardmaker 7 Help Page

If there are any technical questions specific to deployment, please contact North America Technical Support by emailing or by calling 1-(800)-588-4548, contact UK Technical Support by emailing or by calling +44 (0)114 481 00 11, or contact EUROW Technical Support by emailing 


Chromebook Guide

If you are a Chromebook user, this is a list of specific questions and requirements relating to the running of Boardmaker 7 on those devices.

Compatibility Guide

The Compatibility Guide provides details on supported operating systems, domains that must be whitelisted, and information on the Compatibility Tester App.

IT Deployment Guide

Boardmaker 7 Organization is a hybrid web/installed solution for organizations. Learn how to properly deploy Boardmaker within your organization.

Security Whitepaper

Learn how Boardmaker 7 Organization has been built to deliver reliable and secure service within your district’s existing network and security infrastructure.