Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus Resources

To help educators, parents, and learners during this time of need, our team has gathered our resources and created Coronavirus materials within them.


Communicating about Coronavirus


Coronavirus Topic Pages for Snap Core First

The pages within Snap Core First include messages, topics words, and supports. Instructions for how to add a page set bundle to you topic area are available.

Coronavirus activities and resources

Supports to help students in learning and communicating about the Coronavirus. Log in or create a free myTobiiDynavox account to access them.

Hospital Intensive Care Unit Communication Resources

Printable communication pages to support caregiver to patient communications in a hospital environment. Available in English (US,UK), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and more.

At Home Learning

We'll be releasing new sets of "At Home Learning" resources every couple days. We'll also provide you with the tools and supports needed for implementation.

Home Learning for Educators, Parents & Learners

Snap Core First

Snap Core First is Tobii Dynavox's symbol-based communication app custom designed for AAC. We're offering a free 60-day trial.


A free Snap Core First companion app that provides communication partners with guidance and resources for engaging AAC users.


Access PCS for over 40,000 words, including Coronavirus symbols, and behavior support templates, such as daily schedules. Please enjoy a free 30-day trial.


Free, ready-made activities that include books, games, communication boards, behavior supports, and more.

PCS Backgrounds

Discover several different PCS Backgrounds to use with Zoom or Teams.

Access & Entertainment

Boardmaker Community

Create a free Boardmaker Community account and find free activities.

Virtual Learning

Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub provides free on-demand trainings covering a wide range of topics.

Live Webinars

View our calendar for a list of live trainings with the opportunity to join discussions in real-time.

We want to assure you that we remain fully operational and that we are available, so you can contact us if needed. As the Coronavirus situation continues to unfold, we will keep you updated with important information from Tobii Dynavox. Stay up to date with the newest resources by liking and following our Facebook page.