Boardmaker Instructional Solutions

Accessible, standards aligned, evidence-based curricula

Boardmaker Instructional Solutions

Boardmaker Instructional Solutions


Specifically designed for students with special needs, Boardmaker Instructional Solutions are included with your Boardmaker 7 subscription! Deliver predictable, standards-based practice every day.


What's included:

  • Over 140 Step-by-Step lesson plans
  • More than 1500 differentiated and standards-aligned activities
  • 300+ Printable and accessible books
  • Classroom management tools  
  • Quizzes, games, recipes, crafts, and more
  • Customizable keyboards
  • Communication and other digital supports
  • Text-to-speech  


Use any access method, from eye gaze to scanning to touch

Print & interactive

Teach using a variety of ready-made printable and on-screen activities



Minimize prep time by using pre-made curricula

Enhance learning

Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates in Boardmaker 7 to quickly differentiate and extend your instruction

data chart

Automatic data collection

Monitor student progress before, during, and after instruction

Core First™ Learning

A web-based program delivered through Boardmaker 7 that helps your students find, use, and read high frequency core words. Lesson plans help you deliver a series of meaningful and evidence-based reading, writing, and language activities.

Reading Avenue

An accessible, all-inclusive, learn-to-read program for all students. Reading Avenue follows a path that builds foundational literacy skills with engaging topics and interactive instruction.

Book Bridge

A curriculum to help students meet modern academic standards for reading, writing, and vocabulary development through grade-level literature.

Expedition Education

Provides monthly instruction that helps students build world knowledge through the exploration of STEM, history, geography, life, and a spotlight on culture.