Boardmaker Online Personal

A powerful and comprehensive tool for parents to encourage student success.

Boardmaker Online Personal

Powerful Tool for Parents. A comprehensive solution designed to encourage student success

Boardmaker Online Personal


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Create, edit, and print - all online

Bring the power of Boardmaker into your home with ease. A Boardmaker Online Personal subscription gives you the capability to take an active role in your child’s success by providing consistency between home, school and therapy, an option to extend learning beyond the school day and even the school year. Network with other parents in the Boardmaker Community to share your creations and get ideas for many more.

Top reasons for Boardmaker Online Personal:

  • Bring engaging and interactive activities to any computer or iPad
  • Print activities whenever you need them
  • As a parent, take an active role in your child’s learning at home
  • Take fun and engaging materials wherever you need to go and create or edit activities from any computer

Start your Trial Today which includes full access for 60 days!

Once your 60 day trial is up, there are multiple subscription options:

  • 1 Month/$9.99
  • 1 Year/$99

Create & Edit

Create and edit symbol-adapted activities, like visual schedules for planning out your day, individualized books and learning materials, and behavioral supports! You can do it all online from any computer. With a library of over 30,000 symbols to choose from, plus new ones added every two weeks, the possibilities are endless. Need more? Use our web search option to bring any media files into your project.

Print & Play

Print your own activities, or any you find on the Boardmaker Community, right from your web browser direct to PDF to use with your child. Looking to increase engagement? Try our interactive templates and activities. Children and parents can easily play activities from a web browser on any computer or through the free Student Center app on their tablet or communication device.

Teach & Extend

Jumpstart your child’s language and literacy skills with access to our three easy-to-use curriculum programs. Start with Core First Learning – a tool to help your child learn the meaning, use and placement of high frequency core words. Ideal for individuals using core-based augmentative communication systems or those that are learning how to read! Apply these new skills to grade level literature by engaging with Book Bridge, and then start to build world knowledge through the exploration of history, geography, life and culture with Expedition Education.

Monitor & Track

Monitor and track your child’s progress as they work on activities to ensure their success and help you determine the most effective approach.

Pricing Terms Personal Professional District

1 Month


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Credit card only

1 Year


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Credit card or purchase order

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1 (Students Managed Directly)

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