The Eggheads are back!

The Eggheads are back!

Boardmaker 7


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Preview the Next Generation of Boardmaker

Boardmaker 7 is the latest version of our flagship tool for creating symbol-supported communication and education materials for students with special educational needs.

Attention existing District/Organization subscribers, learn more about the pre-release version of Boardmaker 7 for deployment testing.

Boardmaker 7 Features

  • Works on Windows, Mac, & Chromebook*
  • Import existing content from any Boardmaker version
  • Early support for IT teams to assist with deployment
  • Free trainings kick off in July 2020

*Available as an Android App through the Google Play Store

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Pricing Options

Boardmaker 7 Personal


Boardmaker 7 Professional


Boardmaker 7 Organization

Volume Pricing Applies*

*An account manager will reach out with more information once your request is processed.*

Boardmaker 7 Standard


one-time purchase

System Compatibility

Platform Minimum System Source


Mac OS







Google Play

Learning Events

Our Summer Camp learning sessions will give you a jump start on Boardmaker, including how to transition from Boardmaker Online, setting up print and interactive activities, sharing and assigning activities and more.

Date Time Virtual Learning Events


4-5pm EST/9-10pm BST


10-11am EST/3-4pm BST


4-5pm EST/9-10pm BST


10-11am EST/3-4pm BST


4-5pm EST/9-10pm BST


10-11am EST/3-4pm BST


4-5pm EST/9-10pm BST


10-11am EST/3-4pm BST


4-5pm EST/9-10pm BST

Preparing for Boardmaker 7

Compatibility Tester App Installer

Download this free app for Windows and Mac, available in .dmg, .exe, and .msi to check your computer and be prepared for Boardmaker 7.

Compatibility Guide

The Compatibility Guide provides details on supported operating systems, domains that must be whitelisted, and information on the Compatibility Tester App.

Security Whitepaper

Learn how Boardmaker 7 Organization has been built to deliver reliable and secure service within your district’s existing network and security infrastructure.

IT Deployment Guide

Boardmaker 7 Organization is a hybrid web/installed solution for organizations. Learn how to properly deploy Boardmaker within your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Boardmaker Online and Boardmaker 7?

Boardmaker 7 refers to a group of products. What you know as Boardmaker Online is now called Boardmaker 7 Subscription. There are 3 versions of the subscription offering:

  • Boardmaker 7 Organization – previously Boardmaker Online District
  • Boardmaker 7 Professional – previously Boardmaker Online Professional
  • Boardmaker 7 Personal – previously Boardmaker Online Personal

2. What changes will I see in Boardmaker Online when Boardmaker 7 launches?

  • When you select “Create an Activity” or “Edit”, instead of launching the web-based Online Editor the site will open the installed Boardmaker 7 Editor application.
  • When selecting “Play” on an activity, instead of launching the web-based Student Center, the site will open the installed Boardmaker 7 Student Center app.
  • When you select, "My Boardmaker," you'll see Activities-to-Go, our new thematic, editable, and leveled curriculum for students in K-12. Each unit includes books, games, behavior supports, speech-language content, crafts, recipes, and more. You can edit the activities, use them as is, or DIY your own unit of Activities-to-Go using Boardmaker 7 templates.

Everything else stays the same. You won’t have to pay anything additional, but you will need to install the editor and Student Center software where previously would have accessed them. All files, students, and all the curriculum titles (Reading Avenue, Core First Learning, Book Bridge, etc) will all still be available as before.

3. What are some highlights of the new Boardmaker 7?

  • The subscription offering no longer uses the Flash-based Online Editor and Student Center, but now includes a powerful installed Editor and Student Center.
  • There is now a Perpetual version of the Editor available, which we call Boardmaker 7 Standard.
  • Boardmaker 7 subscriptions include one year of standards-aligned content with Activities-to-Go, a thematic, editable, and leveled curriculum for students in K-12 created using Boardmaker 7 templates.
  • Boardmaker 7 Standard purchasers can explore a free sample of Activities-to-Go at

4. Why should I upgrade to Boardmaker 7 if I have Boardmaker v6 or Studio?

Boardmaker 7 takes the best of all previous versions of Boardmaker and rolls those features into one multi-platform, multi-language app that’s designed for modern computers. Boardmaker 7 features a streamlined user interface that puts the tools you need at your fingertips. It includes all the latest PCS, and is backward compatible with all your old boards and activities. This new software will allow you to create and deliver print or interactive curriculum and communication supports faster than ever. If you choose to subscribe to Boardmaker Online, in addition to the software our subscription comes with Activities-to-Go, a thematic, leveled, and editable K-12 curriculum we developed using Boardmaker 7 templates. Boardmaker 7 Standard purchasers can explore a free sample of Activities-to-Go at

If you are a Boardmaker Studio user…

Boardmaker Studio will not be sold after July 31, 2020. We will provide support for those who opt to continue running Boardmaker Studio for two years, but we think you will discover some significant benefits in the upgrade. Plus, the user interface is very similar and should make the transition very smooth.

If you are still using Boardmaker v6…

This is the answer to all of our customers who have struggled with not having a disc-drive or are using a Mac. Boardmaker 7 will be a downloaded and installed solution, available in multiple languages, including all available PCS, and will run on run on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks at release.

5. I have hundreds of activities that I created with Boardmaker v6. Will I be able to use them? How will I access them?

Boardmaker 7 will open all your Boardmaker v6 and Boardmaker Studio files. When you open a Boardmaker v6 activity, it may take a few seconds to convert that activity to the new format, but you’ll only need to do that once. You can access them by simply opening the files from your local or network drive, or through the Boardmaker Community account if you saved them online.

6. Where will my activities be saved in Boardmaker 7?

When you create a new activity in Boardmaker 7 and hit save, it is saved locally. If you are signed into your Boardmaker account (even a free community account) the file can also be saved in your "My Activities" area. This way, you will always have access to the file remotely as well.

7. Will Boardmaker 7 run on my computer?

Boardmaker 7 will run on:

              Windows 10 or higher

              Mac 11 or higher

              Chromebook 69 or higher

Boardmaker 7 Student Center will run on:

              Windows 10 or higher

              Mac 11 or higher

              Chromebook 69 or higher

              iOS 11 or higher

8. Why should I choose Boardmaker?

Boardmaker is a time-tested tool for adapting instructional activities, and creating behavior and communication supports for students with special needs. Boardmaker has been the go-to solution for special education teachers and speech pathologists for 30 years. Boardmaker 7 is our newest product, combining the best features of previous versions into a modern software application that runs on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks and in multiple languages. Boardmaker 7 Subscription also comes with our new thematic, editable and leveled curriculum for your students in K-12, created using Boardmaker 7 templates. That means you edit the activities, use them as is, or even as a model to DIY your own activities.

Click here for a complete list of FAQs.

Every Boardmaker 7 subscription comes with access to 40 units of completely customizable Activities-to-Go!

Activities-to-Go are printable, leveled curriculum for students in K-12 that can be edited using the Boardmaker 7 editor. Whether you are an educator, speech-language pathologist, behavior specialist, or parent, start teaching today!

Each unit is available in three levels and comes with a variety of templates and activities.

Which level is best for my student?

Level A - Use these activities with your youngest students or most beginning learners.

Level B - Use these activities with your middle grade students or students ready to engage more deeply.

Level C - Use these activities with your high school students or students with some independent skills.

What activities come with each level?

  • Books at different Lexile levels for students of all levels in K-12
  • Activity schedule to support behavior and manage activity flow
  • Vocabulary activity to expand knowledge of high-utility words
  • Matching activity to reinforce concepts and vocabulary
  • Board game and bingo to cement learning through plays
  • Craft, recipe and much, much more!

Activities-to-Go: edit, print or play--Start teaching today!

Two pictures showing Boardmaker Activities to Go